Born on the run, The Axiom emerged organically as a simple way to move the paint to the pavement – a way to give tangible form to the unique formlessness of creativity, a platform to share broad ideas and start conversations, and a way of giving something back.

Quickly drawing to it a group of similarly inspired minds, The Axiom has formed its’ core from a molten combination of motivation and ideas; building an ideology based on artistic expression, social betterment, constant movement, gaining knowledge, losing braincells, getting deep, taking the piss – on any and every inspiration that spits a new shine on tired shoes, pries open the drooping lids of screen singed eyeballs and shouts a not so gentle reminder that to do is paramount and that the time to do is always happening, now.

Our ranges reflect our ethos of relevancy and honesty, and the paradox of invention: ever changing yet always the constant. They come from real minds. They are produced by real hands. It’s not ours, or yours. It just is.